Friday, June 3, 2016

Event 3: Staring in the Age of Destruction

The third event which I attended this quarter was the gallery Starting in the Age of Destruction (S.A.D.). This gallery was quite intriguing as a number of artists were showing off their works, all taking a very different approach to art.
            The first piece of artwork that I want to mention is Louis Pham’s pain and pleasure. This work takes on an organic approach where I feel like I am stuck in a trance, initially I felt at ease by the vibrant color scheme, which created a sense of peace and tranquility, but I slowly began to feel a sense of discomfort while the cactus (spikes) were strewn throughout. This work drew upon my emotions and was ultimately successful in conveying this notion of good and bad. Pham describes this work as a bench symbolizing relaxation and comfort, while the tightness of the space along with the “prickling cactus” creates anxiety and discomfort. This piece can be related to our two cultures topic, as this piece omits a sense of two cultures in name and style.
            Secondly, the most polarizing work within the gallery was the centerpiece, the rug paying homage to the 11 million undocumented citizens currently in this country. Victor Beteta’s Alfombra Indocumentada displays the pain and hardships these undocumented citizens put themselves through to try and attain the American Dream. Additionally, this piece connects our world with two cultures, as this connects the world of higher education to the hardships undocumented students face.  Furthermore, this piece displays the journey these individuals face, as the “La Bestia” (the beast) is begins their journey as they eventually seek to be one with the butterflies bordering the rug symbolizing their migration and journey through nature.

            After attending this gallery, my eyes were opened to the concept of two cultures. I was closed-minded previously, but these two works began to open me up to the concept that there are greater hardships in our culture today then the one I face. I feel this gallery is worth attending, as it was an eye-opening experience and one that connected art to two cultures.

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